In the next handful of weeks during the summer, we will be taking a look back at this past season and recognize those that have achieved high success by us at Rusch's Bowl. We will also be recognizing those that have broken as well as set new records by us this season. There will be no particular order we will do these. Our next annual spotlight will be on Roger Hyler.

Throughout the season, Roger bowled in the Monday Night Men’s league and Wednesday Night Mixed Spring league throughout the regular season at Rusch’s. In each of those leagues, he found different success throughout the season. Roger started the season off a little slow, and it took some time to get things going to what will become an excellent season for him. Throughout the regular fall season in the Monday Night Men’s league, Roger was arguably one of the most consistent bowlers at Rusch’s. Unfortunately, he fell short on a couple of honor score attempts, but his name was always still around in the weekly high scores throughout the multiple viewing outlets; his big-time will come shortly after. In the second week in the Wednesday Night Mixed Spring league on April 28th, Roger finally hit perfection with a 300 game. Four weeks later on May 26th in the same league, Roger fired games of 263, 265, and a 279 for an 807 series, marking it the last ever sanctioned 800 series bowled at Rusch’s this season with an incredible 22 800’s.

Roger is one of the most respected people in the bowling community. After he shot his 800 in the Wednesday Night Mixed Spring league, our Facebook post about his 800 got nearly 3,000 views alone, making it the most viewed post from this season! He also got the “Most Improved Bowler” award in the Monday Night Men’s league with an improvement of 17.72 pins.

We would like to congratulate Roger Hyler once again on his outstanding performance this season, his performance will be looked at as one of the most dominant veteran bowlers at Rusch’s and in the Association of all time. He is without a doubt a future Hall of Famer! Congratulations Roger!

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