In the next handful of weeks during the summer, we will be taking a look back at this past season and recognize those that have achieved high success by us at Rusch's Bowl. We will also be recognizing those that have broken as well as set new records by us this season. There will be no particular order we will do these. Our next annual spotlight will be on Hall of Famer Jeff Nimke.

Going into the season, Jeff was fresh off being named on the All-Association Men’s Second Team in the Greater Fox Cities Association last season. Jeff has had prior success at Rusch’s, he has the third highest sanctioned series set with a 846 back in 2014. With his 846, he went back-to-back 300 games in games one and two, to also share the record ‘Most 300 Games In A 3 Game Set’. He also shares the record ‘Most 300 Games Individual In A Season’ back in 2013-2014. Throughout this season, Jeff bowled full-time in the Monday Night Men’s league, Wednesday Night Mixed Spring league, and part-time in the Wednesday Night Men’s league at Rusch’s Bowl. Jeff started the season off a little slow, and although he was scoring quite well, it took some time to get things going to what will become an excellent season for him. On January 4th in the Monday Night Men’s league, Jeff hit perfection when he fired a 300 game which would finally put his name into the Rusch’s history books once again. About two months later in the same league on March 8th, Jeff would fire another 300 game. The following week on March 17th in the Wednesday Night Men’s league, Jeff would fire his third 300 game of the season. 

Jeff’s excellent performance this season puts his name right back into the Rusch’s history books. With his three 300 games from the Monday & Wednesday Night Men’s leagues, he currently is tied for second for the record ‘Most 300 Games Individual In A Season’. Including Jeff from this season, he shares this record with three others, himself (2013-2014), Randy Southworth (2019-2020), and Ryan Duescher (2020-2021). 


We would like to congratulate Jeff Nimke once again on his outstanding performance this season, his performance will be looked at as one of the most dominant veteran bowlers at Rusch’s and in the Association of all time. He still has gas left in the tank. Congratulations Jeff!

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