In the next handful of weeks during the summer, we will be taking a look back at this past season and recognize those that have achieved high success by us at Rusch's Bowl. We will also be recognizing those that have broken as well as set new records by us this season. There will be no particular order we will do these. Our next annual spotlight will be on Eric Piepenburg.

Throughout this season, Eric bowled fulltime in the Tuesday Night Mixed league at Rusch’s Bowl where he became one of the most successful bowlers at Rusch’s and in the Association during the regular season. Eric has had prior success at Rusch’s. Going into the season, all of his honor scores came from Rusch’s, so it was nice to see him back home. Eric started the season off on fire, averaging just over 240 for the first couple of months in the Tuesday Night Mixed league. On September 29th, Eric hit perfection when he fired a 300 game which would finally put his name into the Rusch’s history books once again. Less than one month later on October 20th, he would have yet another chance at perfection, but fell short after firing a 299 game. Eric would continue his success in the following month on November 10th, firing games of 258, 268, and a 279 for an 805 series. This would not only mark Eric’s first 800 series at Rusch’s, but his first ever sanctioned 800 series. Two weeks later on November 24th, he would repeat his success once again when he fired games of 278, 233, and a 299 for an 810 series. Eric’s unbelievable scoring would continue up until January 30th in the annual Greater Fox Cities Match Play tournament (which was held at Rusch’s Bowl). In the first round of qualifying, he bowled games of 280, 268, and a 252 for an 800 series right on the dot. He would also go on to lead the field in the first round. Eric would go on to score exceptionally well throughout the last weeks of the regular fall leagues.

Eric’s excellent performance this season puts his name right back into the Rusch’s history books. With his three 800+ series from the Tuesday Night Mixed league and the Greater Fox Cities Match Play tournament, he currently is tied for second for the record ‘Most 800 Series Individual In A Season’. Including him from this season, he shares this record with two others, Kyle Blaese (2019-2020) and Randy Southworth (2020-2021). He ended the season with a solid 234.99 in the Tuesday Night Mixed league, placing him in 2nd on the average board for the league as well as 7th for the rest of the leagues combined together at Rusch’s.

We would like to congratulate Eric Piepenburg once again on his outstanding performance this season, his performance will be looked at as one of the best at Rusch’s Bowl and in the area for this past season. Congratulations Eric!

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