In the next handful of weeks during the summer, we will be taking a look back at this past season and recognize those that have achieved high success by us at Rusch's Bowl. We will also be recognizing those that have broken as well as set new records by us this season. There will be no particular order we will do these. Our next annual spotlight will be on Cale Rusch.


Going into the season, Cale was fresh off being named the Youth Boy’s Bowler of the Year, the Youth All-Association First Team, and the Youth Boy’s High Average in the Greater Fox Cities Association last season, after his incredible season last year at Rusch’s and getting each one of those awards back-to-back years. Looking back at last season, Cale most notably fired a record 807 series which would be the highest sanctioned youth series of all time at Rusch’s Bowl, he also had the highest youth average not only in the Association, but also in the state and was top 5 in the nation. Throughout this season, Cale was the only bowler to bowl in every adult league at Rusch’s, but bowled full-time in the Monday Night Men’s league and Wednesday Night Men’s league where he found the majority of his success. The 19 year old started the season off on fire, nearly averaging 250+ in both of his full-time leagues in the first 2 months. On October 28th, in the Wednesday Night Men’s league, he would just miss his first 800 series after firing a 794 series. Less than one week later on November 2nd in the Monday Night Men’s league, he would have a chance at perfection, but fell short after firing a 299 game, he also fell short of another 800 series after bowling a 790 series. On December 16th, he had another chance at perfection, but came up short once again. In the last league night of 2020 on December 30th, Cale finally hit perfection in the Wednesday Night Men’s league. Less than two weeks later on January 11th in the Monday Night Men’s league, he hit perfection once again after firing his second 300 game. Cale would go on to score consistently and exceptionally well to finish out the regular season.


Cale’s excellent performance this season was shown outside of his home turf as well. He mainly bowled in the JBST (Junior Bowlers Scholarship Tour) and WYBT (Wisconsin Youth Bowlers Tour) tours respectively and was one of the top names to compete event in and event out. He was the runner-up JBST Bowler of the Year after multiple 3rd place finishes. He also was named on the All-Season Second team for the WYBT after a runner-up tier 1 finish, and multiple 3rd place finishes as well. He also made Team Wisconsin and competed in the inaugural Lake Michigan Cup. He also dabbled in some adult tournaments as well to start making a name for himself in the adult scene. Most notably, however, Cale was also one of the five full-time individuals to have a 240+ average, alongside Kyle Blaese, Ryan Duescher, Nick Hietpas, and Randy Southworth. Cale capped off the season with a very impressive 241.26 average in the Wednesday Night Men’s league with 93 games bowled (which was the most games bowled out of the five individuals). Cale is now the 9th/10th person (alongside Ryan Duescher) in Association history to average a 240+ in a regular season. Despite averaging as high as he did, he was 5th on the average board for the league as well as 5th for the rest of the leagues combined together at Rusch’s and in the Association. It is yet to be determined where Cale and the others are ranked in the state and nation.


We would like to congratulate Cale Rusch once again on his outstanding performance this season, his performance will be looked at as one of the best of all time at Rusch’s Bowl and in the area. He proved to all of us that he made the adult transition without a flinch, and is without a doubt one of the best to ever do it in the area at such a young age. Congratulations Cale!

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